About Us

Faraja' Styls Brand
Faraja' Styls is a unique Casual Leisure Wear, Athleisure and Activewear Brand that will bring you comfort and a state of satisfaction by providing products with physical ease and relaxation. We are bringing you inexpensive comfortable styles that will give you the ability to express yourself through what you wear, while being comfortable in style. Being you, while being comfortable!



Faraja' Styls was founded in 2020 and is also Veteran Owned. The CEO is not only a full-time Soldier, but she is also a wife and mother. Due to her athletic family, fitness structure and always on the go lifestyle, comfort is a must. Her lifestyle encouraged and motivated her to create an apparel line that would provide comfort clothing with style. What was visualized as fashionable and comfortable became reality, and now it is known as Faraja' Styls. 




Faraja’ Styls mission is to provide casual leisure clothing with quality, comfort and style. We want our customers to be comfortable, but with style and appeal. Our clothing will be meant for all your daily occasions such as travel, work, shopping, leisure, fitness, events etc. Our goal is for you to be you, while being comfortable. We want you to express yourself through what you wear without being uncomfortable about what you wear.